About Us


I'm Hanley Warhurst, the minority shareholder of Jelldaily. Thank you for listening to the story of our store. My partner John Norris, the biggest shareholder of Jelldaily founded this store with me in 2015. Jelldaily was a small vacation-style clothing store located in a small town. Together with our efforts, we became a bigger store with 17 staffs. We were so glad to work with each other and living a happy life together until COVID-19 comes. With fewer tourists in town, our income declined sharply. We started to save ourselves. We have tried every way and spent much time but still making little progress. And what’s worse, my partner John disappeared. We tried every way to find him but we can’t find any trace. If anyone knows him and can provide any clue, please kindly contact us. Now the most important thing for us is to survive. We have school dropout youth, single mother, former tramp, most of us are not rich. That’s the reason why we open this online store. In order to help all of us to get over the difficulties at present, we’re selling out stock products at a lower price. We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to you, you will get the 6th for free if you order 5 items. Welcome and thank you!